Located in Cala Ratjada in the east of Majorca, is the famous Chocolate Music-Bar which is number 1 in the area since 1982 and with thousands of visitors each season.


Chocolate was first opened in the spring of 1982 and already has 30 years of experience, currently represents the cult of exquisite great atmosphere, quality in their drinks, professional service and the best music, Chocolate is considered a place of absolute excellence in the area.

Chocolate highlight its location, large garden with palm trees, plants and offers a unique environment, where the motto is “see and be seen.”

If you come, or travel to Cala Rajada, without fail you should visit Chocolate, the ideal place for people looking for something different with the music of yesterday, today and always, on the terrace you can enjoy the best combined, cocktails and drinks, accompanied by excellent service and professionalism for over 30 years.

Chocolate’s Blog

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